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With over $2.5 million dollars in sales per year, the Indiana horticulture industry has a big impact on the Hoosier economy, and accounts for nearly 32,000 jobs in the state. How can horticulture businesses simultaneously serve their customers, protect the environment, and save Hoosiers millions of dollars? By stopping the spread of invasive plants. We can be proactive and implement practical solutions, rather than wait for regulations.

Grow Native makes it easy for customers to both find native plants for sale, and know which sellers aren’t selling invasive plant species. The gardening public is increasingly looking environmentally-friendly plants, and you can let customers know that you have what they are looking for; join Grow Native now to be part of this important program.  For more information on what is meant by “native” and “invasive” plants, see our FAQ page.

There are two levels to the program:


Basic Grow Native membership

Criteria: you must sell native plants. It does not matter what other types of plants you sell.

Invasive-Free Grow Native membership

Criteria: you must sell native plants AND you agree to not sell plants on the Indiana Invasive Plant List.

How do you benefit from the Grow Native program? 

  • Both Basic and Invasive-Free members will receive a window cling of the Grow Native logo to display in their business, the assurance that customers will be looking for that you are part of the program. 
  • You will also receive a digital copy of the logo for your use in advertising or creating other promotional materials.
  • Your business will also receive promotion as a Grow Native business through the INPAWS website, Facebook page, and Journal.  Basic members will be featured on a list on our website, and Invasive-Free members will have ads that will be featured on the Grow Native plant sellers website.

How to Sign Up

Just fill out this form to apply. Your application will be reviewed by the Grow Native certifying committee to assure you meet the criteria, after which you’ll receive an email regarding your certification. Once certified, you will receive the free window cling of the Grow Native logo and a digital copy of the logo. Please fill out all fields.


Company Name

Company Website


Phone Number

Address (Street, City, State, ZIP)

Please provide a summary of why you should qualify as a Grow Native seller, including a description of the types of plants you sell and your policy on selling invasive plants.

Please upload your current stock species list(s)

Basic Grow Native Membership:

I certify that my business sells native plants, but we also sell invasive plants.

Invasive-Free Grow Native Membership:

I certify that my business sells native plants, and that we do not sell invasive plants.