Sources of Indiana Native Plants

The retail plant industry is coming to recognize the demand for native plants, so there is a fair chance of finding the most garden-worthy Indiana natives at your local nursery and garden center. Those listed in our brochure, “Landscaping with Plants Native to Indiana,” are readily available at finer garden centers and via mail-order.

Criteria for Listing

INPAWS gives special credit to nurseries and garden centers that offer native plants for sale and do not offer known invasive plants. Firms included in our list:

We provide information on what percent of each provider’s stock is native, whether they offer local genotype stock, and whether they use neonicotinoid insecticides.

We welcome public input to this list. Please submit additions and revisions to

Retail and Wholesale Native Plant Sources:

Retail suppliers of native plants in Indiana and surrounding states. Each of these retailers carries some native plants. See business details page to learn if they participate in GoGreenGrowNative programs.

Wholesale suppliers of native plants in Indiana and surrounding states.  Each of these wholesalers carries some native plants.

Look for businesses that are fully committed to noninvasive plants — look for the green ribbon!


Bloomingfoods Coop Garden Center


Bloomingfoods Garden Center at the East Side location has a very nice selection of native plants grown locally in Monroe County.


Bloomington Hardware


Bloomington Hardware offers seasonal retail plant sales and participates in GGGN’s native plant promotion and tagging programs.

May’s Greenhouse


We grow a large selection of Perennials, Annuals, Houseplants, Cactus, Tropicals, Orchids, Bonsai, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Water Plants, Trees and Shrubs. We offer a wide and unique selection of pots, planters, lawn and garden accents, and many other great items.


Linnea’s Greenhouse


GGGN Top Level Grower: Linnea’s Greenhouse provides many native plants, vegetables, and ornamental and is one of just a handful of invasive-free growers in the state!

Bread & Roses Gardens

Bread & Roses is an ~Edible & Useful Plant Nursery ~Edible & Beautiful Landscapes ~Permaculture Design & Education ~Permaculture Homestead here to help create a healthy, empowered, and educated culture, beginning with the home ecosystem.

Stranger’s Hill Organics

We offer a large selection of native plants, all Midwest-genotype and most Indiana-genotype. To purchase our natives, visit our display at Bloomingfoods Eastside garden center, at 3220 E. 3rd St, Bloomington, IN. We participate in MC-IRIS‘s Grow Native! initiative.