Design Native

More and more homeowners are looking for help in designing native plant installations and finding designers with that experience is difficult. We are considering adding a Design Native certification to the Grow Indiana Natives program and are evaluating how much interest there might be in such a program. Designers would be eligible if they design landscape installations using native Indiana plants, and do not use invasive plants in their designs. Certification would entitle you to to use the logo of Grow Indiana Natives, and give you access to a variety of Grow Native promotional materials.  We are considering charging a small fee for the cost for certification, which would be on a sliding scale depending on business size.  The table below provides an estimate of what the certification cost might be, if we added Design Native to the program.

Estimated Certification Cost
Business Size Annual Certification Cost
1 to 15 employees $100
16 to 30 employees $150
31 to 50 employees $200
51 to 100 employees $250

How would you benefit from the Design Native program?  Your landscape design business would be featured on the Grow Native website and you’d receive access to the Grow Indiana Natives logo and promotional materials.  The Design Native members would be promoted on the INPAWS website as well as on the INPAWS Facebook group and in the Journal.

Are you interested? Then please let us know by filling out this form.  If the Design Native certification goes forward, we’ll be in contact.


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